Public Presentation Reviews

Reviews of “Why Lincoln Matters” (Introduces the author’s book Lincoln’s Springfield Neighborhood and what the author learned about Lincoln’s life and legacy that has relevance for our lives today.)

Very informative! Information was new and peaked my curiosity to learn more. —KS

Your talk about the book opened our eyes to just how “inclusive” Lincoln was. How wonderful that you chose to research his neighbors and the impact they had on him, especially in the years between his young life and leaving for Washington. You provide a whole new dimension on how to look at Lincoln’s life and the influence that others had on him. We know that he and Frederick Douglass had many conversations and a “friendship”. . . but he did not discriminate against anyone no matter their race, background or religion. Again, an amazing man, especially for the time period in our history. —AH

Thank you for an informative and captivating presentation. Congratulations and best wishes. —GC

I felt like I got a different view of Lincoln. —RR

I enjoyed the home setting of the talk about Lincoln. It wasn’t about his presidency but rather a part of his life no one thinks about. —EM

Well done. I liked your philosophy of “Don’t bash our heroes.” —SM

Reviews of “What Happened to American Reading?” (Tells the history of the removal of phonics from the educational system and its impact on reading in America.)

An educator came up to let me know she was going to be using the CD to give your PowerPoint as an ongoing activity in her community. Another gentleman who is on the board of directors of an online charter school in Hawaii said he is interested in using the CD to get hatted. In turn, he will enlighten other board members on the data. —CM

The talk made it easy to understand the whole track of reading’s decline and the impact it has had on the American people, particularly Blacks. —J.W.

A very concise and informative talk. It helped me to see the whole process of the educational decline. —AW

All teachers and administrators of schools need to hear this talk and see the PowerPoint. —CJ

Reviews of “The Power of Purpose” (Shows through quotations and examples the importance of living a life directed by purposes.)

I now understand that purpose and goal mean the same thing. I have to remember to keep removing barriers and pushing forward because you can’t achieve your purpose without doing so. —BK

I learned that I have to formulate and write down my purposes, not just think about them. This way I can help myself and also help others to do the same. —RM

Bonnie’s perspective and humor helped me to put together the subject of purpose in a way I find really useful. I can throw out old purposes or revitalize them. It’s up to me. —BS