Lincoln's Springfield Neighborhood

When an emotional Abraham Lincoln took leave of his Springfield neighbors, never to return, his moving tribute to the town and its people reflected their profound influence on the newly elected president. His old neighborhood still stands today as a National Historic Site. Journey back in time and meet this diverse but harmonious community as it participated in the business of everyday living while gradually playing a larger role on the national stage.

Winning with Grammar

Basic Workbook 1

When Ms. Paull began teaching her college students how to use a dictionary, she discovered they knew next to nothing about English grammar starting with parts of speech. This prompted her to find a suitable grammar text. Most of these were a disaster—complex, full of unnecessary terminology and void of all graphics. Thus, Winning with Grammar, parts one and two, were born. Both books are user friendly with simple definitions and many graphics. Both require interaction between students and text. Book 1 is all about the parts of speech.

Winning with Grammar

Basic Workbook 2

Winning with Grammar, part two, reviews the parts of speech from part one and goes on to introduce students to the main sentence patterns in English. It concludes with punctuation and paragraph writing. Students take easy steps from single words to writing sentences and finally to connecting thoughts to form paragraphs.

Winning with Writing

A New Approach

Winning with Writing picks up where the grammar books leave off. Here students are introduced to samples of fiction and nonfiction by well-known writers. Using these writings as models, students read them aloud, copy them, and then create pieces of their own. Artists learning their craft copy other artists. Students learning to write benefit from this as well.